Going to London town

Things you have to do when in London – London bucket list

Vi er i London! Og allerede på min første dag har jeg et meget bedre indtryk at London, end jeg har minder om fra mine to tidligere besøg i byen. Måske hjælper det, at solen skinner og at jeg har dejligt selskab med mig! 😉 Vi var som sagt med den tidligere morgenflyver, og det var hårdt – vi endte dog med først at være fremme ved hotellet kl. 10 London time, så vi besluttede os for at køre hårdt på og tage direkte på udforsking. Vi har travet byen tynd, været på Portobello Market og en masse andet – blandt andet et par ting, man bare skal opleve og prøve, når man er i London. Se med på nedenstående billeder!


ENGLISH: We are in London! We survived the very early morning flight, some difficulties in passport control and the long train ride from the airport to the city and made it right before breakfast closed at our hotel. We were pretty tired but decided to go straight out to explore instead of napping. I mean, we can sleep when we get old 😉 Now we are back at the hotel resting for 30 minutes before it is time to go back out. This time to see my very good friend who moved here last Septemer, and I haven’t seen her in a long time, so I am so excited! Although this is our first day out of five, we already managed to cross quite a few things off the obligatory London bucket list;

Bucket list in London

Ride a London taxi (even better if it is pink like this one!)

Bucket list London beer at a pub

Have a pint (only a pint will do) at a London pub. Here we are at The Churchill Arms.

Bucket list London phone box

Pose in front of a London telephone box is definitely a London bucket list thing one has to do. Even if the locals might laugh at you. 😉


Stroll the Portobello Market on Fridays. So much cute stuff to look at. Forgot to take a picture, so this selfie in the sun is my substitute.


Indulge and enjoy that you are on vacation!

Hummingbird London (1)

And indulge some more… Here we went to Hummingbird Bakery, and my funny boyfriend imitates me and my poses and asks if he would do good as a blogger 😉 Boys will be boys!

Posing in Kensington

Pose in front of the uncountable beautiful houses and buildings that are literally everywhere in London!

Now time’s up and I am off for dinner! Have a great weekend <3

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Going to London town